Some of our favourite recent wine and chocolate pairings

This Saturday, we're holding a Chocolate Masterclass at Fizz Feast with @WineEventsScot. To kickstart the taste buds, we've started thinking ahead as to what are some of our favourite tastes we've looked for when pairing chocolate🥂🍾🍫.

Our chocolate really pairs beautifully with so many different sparkling wines, but here are some that we have recently matched on similar occasions and have found that worked well together (Note, these are some ideas and are not sponsored!).

1. Zonin Prosecco Black Edition NV with our Andean Rose bar

2. Zonin Prosecco Grey Edition NV with our Lemongrass bar

3. Zonin Prosecco White Edition NV with our Lemon Verbena bar

Have you ever paired wine and chocolate? If so, what do you look for when pairing the two? Or would you like some of our top tips on how we suggest to make a pairing work best? The chocolate masterclass is always a wonderful event that will really add to your day at Fizz Feast. We'd love to know if you have any favourites ahead of the day to make it even more enjoyable😋 To purchase tickets to the masterclass, see here

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