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Chocolate Gold Connoisseur Gift Selection

Pacari Chocolates UK

Chocolate Gold Connoisseur Gift Selection


A selection of four amazing dark chocolates, all gold medalist at the International Chocolate Awards since 2012. This golden selection of 4 bars includes one of our unique limited editions dark chocolate bars, plus a chocolate tasting card, one recipe and one extra 10g chocolate bar.

What better than four gold medalist chocolate winners in your hands or in the hands of any chocolate lover and chocolate connoisseur. Prepare to join us in a tropical journey with notes of red fruit, coffee, caramel, salt, earthy, wood, honey, citrus, tropical fruits, and beyond...

Get to know single origin regions by tasting some of these unique chocolates and try the difference between a raw or unroasted chocolate bar vs a traditional chocolate bar.

These dark chocolates are also vegan, organic, kosher, and free of gluten, nuts, soy and palm oil. 



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