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Minibars & Wedding Favours

Pacari Chocolates UK

Minibars & Wedding Favours


Can't get enough of Pacari? Our minibars are the perfect way to try out Pacari's wide variety of flavours and share them with those around you.

Although we love them on their own, our minibars are also the perfect accompaniment for tea, coffee, wine or whisky, if you're hosting an event, large or small, they're the perfect crowd pleaser.

Our minibars are available in several flavours including favourites: Andean Mint, Andean Rose, CoffeeCuzco Salt & Nibs, GuayusaLemongrassLemon VerbenaPassion Fruit.

If you would like to discuss our offering further please contact us here.

These products are nut free, soy free, gluten free, dairy free, vegan. 



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