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Fair Business Alliance,new distributor for Pacari Chocolate in the UK & Ireland

Fair Business Alliance Ltd aims to create new opportunities and improve the livelihoods of farmers and producers in Latin America by enabling them to become part of a fair and ethical supply chain. It works by supporting small producer groups to develop and market their products to reach buyers in the developed world who are looking to support international development via sustainable trade.

Fair Business Alliance Ltd became the distributor for Pacari Chocolate in the UK & Ireland, from January 2015, and is looking to increase the presence of this amazing range of luxury, organic, dark and raw chocolates from Ecuador into the UK chocolate market.

Organically and ethically sourced (fair trade), Pacari Chocolate in Ecuador, work with over 3,500 families of small fine organic cacao farmers. Furthermore, this product is produced and  packaged in Ecuador which means that unlike many other luxury dark & most chocolates more of the money stays with the farmers and their families and in Ecuador. 

No artificial products, gluten and soy free, Pacari has won more than 150 world awards since the International Chocolate Awards was founded in 2012. In the last edition, October, 2016, Pacari won a further 10 International Chocolates Awards in the world finals. 

We want you to love Pacari Chocolate and hope that you will want to share it with the people you love too. 

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