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Why Pacari?

What makes Pacari Chocolate Unique?

1) Quality Organic Ingredients
Our primary goal is to ensure that we create the finest quality chocolate. Pacari search for superior organic ingredients, and produce chocolate in small batches to highlight the exceptional flavour profile of the cacao bean.  Pacari use only Arriba Nacional cacao, plants native to Ecuador that yield a bean classified as “fino de aroma” which is known for its rich, full taste, fruity and floral notes. 
2) Protecting The Environment
At Pacari, we are concerned with the sustainability of the ecosystem within Ecuador. Over the past few decades, Ecuador has seen significant growth in non-organic agriculture, which can cause irreparable damage to the environment as well as the health of the farm workers. Whereas, Pacari only uses organically produced ingredients to ensure that no harm is done to the environment during the growing process. In an effort to promote the use of sustainable and organic agriculture, Pacari only purchases from certified organic farms. By working with traditional cacao growers, not plantations, Pacari seeks to protect the priceless (irreplaceable) genetic stock that is Ecuadorian cacao. 
3) Socially Responsible 
Pacari believes that businesses, especially in developing countries have a duty to support local people and their livelihoods as well as the environment. Pacari works directly with small scale farmers, not middle men, to ensure that they are fairly compensated for their products. We pay a significant premium over market prices so that the producers are properly rewarded for their hard work and can continue their sustainable farming methods. Furthermore, organic production as opposed to traditional methods helps protects the health of the workers who grow the ingredients. All the products are not only produced but also packaged in Ecuador (tree to bar, not just bean to bar) which means more money stays in the country of origin. 
Pacari in Ecuador is located within a few hour´s drive from most of our producers, and they work closely with them to help improve their organic agriculture processes and bean quality. Because they have been able to build a trusted business relationship, and provide advisory services as part of their partnership, they have developed long term commitments with each of our producers.


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