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Piura Quemazón (Limited Edition) 70% Organic Chocolate Bar

Pacari UK

Piura Quemazón (Limited Edition) 70% Organic Chocolate Bar


Piura Quemazón is one of our Premium Limited Edition Chocolate Bars made with cocao beans that are literally one a million have won dozens of International Chocolate Awards between them.

Pacari chocolate traditionally sourced Arriba Nacional beans from Ecuador but this is a chocolate sourced from the Peruvian region of Piura in the north west of the country. 

Made by 70% organic Piura, a unique cacao albino beans from Peru. This organic certified chocolate bar won the gold medal at International Chocolate Awards as the best dark chocolate in the world in 2013.

In Peru, the locals of Piura say that only one albino bean survived the migration of cacao – from the Amazonas over the Andes until the coastal area.

The aroma has a very earthy, and notes of dried fruit and floral whilst the melt is lengthy. A limited edition bar made from the Piura region of Peru – For a limited time only. Simply one of a kind bar that is sure to impress.

One of the most awarded chocolates in our range by the International Chocolate Awards:

World 2016 - Silver

World 2014 – Silver

World 2013 – Gold

Americas Round 2013 – Silver

World 2012 – Silver

Americas Round 2012 – Gold


Tasting Notes:

"The opening note is sharp, evoking, again, a rawness, though this is not a raw bar. There are notes of dried fruit, raw cocoa beans, citrus and, towards the end, nuts, all tumbling over each other on a wave of chocolate flavor that persists throughout and for a while after the other notes have faded."
- George Gensler (


Ingredients: Cacao beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin.



*Delicious with Pekoetea's Jingmai Ancient Trees Cooked Pu Erh!*

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